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7 Tips to Choose the Best Roofing Contractor in Crofton, MD

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Are you looking for roofing companies in Crofton, MD? Are you unsure how to choose?

These concerns are normal. You want to ensure you’re getting the best work from roofing contractors in Crofton, MD.

Read on to learn how to find the perfect contractor for your project!

1/3rd of All Money Spent on home improvements is to re-do previous work (Harvard Joint Study on Housing)
38.95% of All Complaints Went UNRESOLVED. (BBB survey – over 60 million inquiries.)

1. Get Local Referrals

When finding roofers in Crofton, Maryland, it’s always recommended to get referrals. If your friend says that their roofer does a great job, why wouldn’t you want to go to that same roofer?

Local roofers in Crofton, MD, will also be familiar with all the codes and regulations of your area, meaning it will be safer for you, and their work won’t run into any problems.

Not only that, but these roofers will most likely pull supplies from local suppliers as well. This means the cost of repairs will be low.

Check with your friends, social media, and neighbors when you are in the market to hire your roofer

2. Look into Their Past Work

Reading the reviews of roofers in Crofton, Maryland, is also good practice. By reading other people’s reviews and checking their photos, you know what to expect when choosing a company. You may also check out our Project Showcase webpage at

One of our Award Winning projects that we completed in Royal Oak, MD

3. Double Check Insurance and Licensing

It’s essential to check the licensing and insurance of any roofing companies in Crofton, MD, that you’ll be working with. This ensures you won’t be held liable if an accident occurs during construction. We carry a $1 million-dollar general liability insurance policy, a $1 million-dollar commercial auto insurance policy and a $1 million-dollar umbrella policy to make sure any home we work on, in any location in Maryland, that you are fully covered.

We include our license, MHIC 139220, and insurance COI in every proposal we send out.

Maryland only requires a $50,000 insurance policy to be in business. That is not enough coverage to correct the massive damage(s) that can occur when hiring the wrong roofer. Be sure to ask for your contractor’s COI. We include them with every proposal and contract.

4. Research Google & BBB Ratings

Looking into Google ratings will give you a line-of-sight view into your contractor’s abilities to create happy customers and proper installation guidelines. The Better Business Bureau ratings will also help determine if companies offering roofing in Crofton, MD, are verified local businesses. An + rating is always desirable.

If the ratings are high, the company has consistently delivered excellent service to locals. That’s good news.

An actual review from one of our clients. We are BBB A+ Accredited Business

5. Price Isn’t as Important as You Think It Is

Your roof replacement will most likely not be as cheap as you want it to be. But it’s important to know that you shouldn’t choose a company based on price alone.

Trustworthy roofers in Crofton, MD, will try to get you a fair estimate for a decent job. If a company with a not-so-good reputation is offering the lowest price, there’s a reason for this. One of your priorities should be looking for the best deal possible, not the lowest deal possible.

It costs way more when you hire based solely on the lowest price. You have to ask yourself, what value am I getting? The right contractor will show you their value without any high-pressure sales tactics.

6. Safety Should Be Your Priority

Companies specializing in roofing in Crofton, MD, will prioritize your safety when repairing or replacing your roof. They’ll offer advice on when it’s safe to move around outside your house.

It’s important to choose a company that prioritizes its workers’ safety – if roofers aren’t wearing PPE, why?

Safety is our number 1 priority. Here you can see our crews using the proper safety harnesses and tie-offs as required by OSHA. Any height higher than 6′ requires safety equipment.

7. Get Financing Agreements

Obtaining written financing agreements from your roofing contractors in Crofton, MD, is vital, whether on paper or digitally. 

This helps you understand what you’re signing up for, protects you against hidden costs, and shows that the roofer is transparent and honest.

Here you can see a snippet of our contract. It clearly defines the price, discounts, and price matching with the payment schedule clearly defined and some of our available financing options.

Final Thoughts

Save yourself time and money by making the right decision the first time when choosing roofing contractors in Crofton, Maryland. Ask questions, ensure you’re 100% satisfied before you schedule service, and you’ll enjoy a top-quality roofing project. Schedule your free inspection and proposal here

A before and after shot of a roof we completed in Odenton, MD

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